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5 'sweetness and humorous' stars

This is another classic 'never judge a book by its cover' line. Seriously, the author need to get rid of that awful cover. I rather she just put a white backdrop with black title. Awful cover aside, this book is full of humorous laugh out loud moment that I nearly peed my pants and roll on the ground. I never had such a good laugh since reading the epic 'Tangled' by Emma Chase. Nick Santino inner monologue is nearly on par with Drew Evans. Maybe not really there yet, but definitely close.


Initially the book started of feeling like a 3 stars read because the writing was pretty mediocre and mostly fluff, but half way through I had such a great time laughing my ass out, I bumping it up to 4 stars. Past second half though, Nick turns into a totally adorable, sweet and swoony guy, I'm sold. 5 stars for Nick Santino!

Delilah Sampson is single and jobless after finding out her boyfriend banging her boss during lunch hour. She is a frumpy girl who doesn't dress up, easy-going, a dedicated employee and had a tough backbone. I absolutely love the way she dump her douche of a boyfriend within minutes flat.

Nick Santino is a lawyer who is looking for a new secretary. He wants to hire a secretary that is capable and smart and someone that he wouldn't end up banging. He reminds me so much of Daniel Meade from Ugly Betty. He ended up hiring Delilah for the specific reason that she doesn't look attractive at all. Surprisingly, Delilah turns out to be the best secretary he ever had. She is on time, organized, hardworking and etc.

All that, and I still don't want to fuck her - I have found my perfect work wife.


In the beginning, Nick was painted as an absolutely manwhore. But we didn't get to see that side of him. I thought he is the best hot boss that I ever dream of having. He is so nice and respectful to Delilah and really appreciate her. Before long, he is subconsciously attracted to her overall personality.

She's not supposed to look good. She's supposed to be frumpy and unattractive! That's why I hired her, so that she wouldn't tempt me.

Meanwhile, Delilah was thrilled to have such a fine ass of a boss for her to ogle everyday. Although she is having some wet dreams of him, she knew she can never land herself such a fine specimen. The best part with this dual POV is that we can see both Nick and Delilah is obviously attracted to each other and trying their damnest to be professional.

"Did you just sniff me?"
"I wouldn't exactly classify it as 'sniffing' you. I happened to take a breath when you leaned past me."

"There is no way I am eating a fucking salad when this pizza is in front of me smelling better than a hooker after a shower."

Nick pretty much drives the whole story and all his POV is freaking hilarious. He keep convincing himself that he is a bad guy and he absolutely will not care for another, yet his action said otherwise. I expected to see him do something douchey, but he completely baffle me with his awkwardness of trying to be a nice guy to Delilah.

Note to self: from now on, book your own hotel rooms for doing the nasty.

I'm thinking about getting a nice juicy steak, needing something manly to eat since I've been having all these sappy emotions lately.

The whole Club Masquerade debacle was pretty far-fetch, but I'm glad it didn't drag on too long. The rules of the club is: keep your mask on and no talking, even during fucking. So in order to get his mind off Delilah, Nico aka Nick scout the club and zero in on Lala aka Delilah. Lala reminded him so much of Delilah that he ended up screwing her for weeks on every Saturday. I don't buy the whole not knowing who you are screwing shit when you actually work with the other person on such close proximity. Thank God, they actually found out later and that confrontation scene was another laugh out loud moment.

"I thought you guys were doing some kind of secret role-playing shit."

I found out that Nick tends to say this whenever being confronted,

"I swear!"

Aww... Nick, defensive much? He is too damn adorable sometimes.

I find myself enjoying the book much more after they get over the Nico/Lala debacle. He is on full on grovel mode that I totally soaking it up. What is it about a guy being miserable that make me so happy? Delilah had him completed wrap within her fingers.

"Quit ogling my ass and get back to work."
"Ogle your ass? Me? Never."

And then Nick work on his charm and swoon me out of my panties with his flirtatious text messages and overall devotion to Delilah.

Nick: I had a great time. ;)
Delilah: Are you winking at me?
Nick: No, I had something in my emoticon eye :)~

And then the best part that had me rolling over.

Delilah: I'm sorry, who is this?
Nick: The man of your dreams.
Delilah: Christian? 
Nick: Guess again, doll.
Delilah: Gideon? Ethan? No, no... this must be Jess.
"I don't think you will be able to kick any of their asses, sweetheart."
"What? You don't think I can take them?"
"Because they live in my Kindle, dumbass."

This book is full of sexiness, humor, charm and a totally sweet and swoony hero *sigh*. Total worthy of a reread just get to kick of another laughing session. I will never be able to listen to Plain White T's song 'Hey there, Delilah' without thinking of Nick Santino. This is a standalone with a HEA.

"Hey there, Delilah" *swoon*