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The Devil's Reprise - Karina Halle
Be careful what you wish for.
The second and final book for the Devils series totally lives up to my expectation and offer so much more. Karina Halle gives us the romance, the creep factor and a plot that is full of surprises. Nothing turns out as I expected, yet everything turns out perfectly towards a feel good ending.
From the ending of The Devil’s Metal, Dawn is back to Washington to finish up her college and take care of her family. While, Sage embarks on his music career as a solo artist. These two obviously miss each other but the distance of being apart led them moving on with their lives separately. Mind you, they are in the 70s and there isn’t cellphone or internet.
The old Sage that I knew from previous book is a bit of a recluse and keeps to himself, but he loves his music. The current Sage is a different man after his ordeal with the demon and the tragedy that happened upon his Hybrid’s band mates. He is total fucked up now with all the drugs, sex and booze and living a totally shitty rock star life. If not because I’m half in love with him from the previous book, I might attempt to DNF upon reading his manwhoring ways. He better redeem himself for me to enjoy the story.
He was a hot mess but, unlike me when I was a hot mess, he was still hot
Upon probing from Jacob, Sage’s manager cum best pal, Sage called up Dawn and invited her to his Europe tour as the music journalist that she is. We know Dawn is in love with him and she was over the moon to be able to see him again. But all the fantasizing and dreams didn’t prepare her for the reality upon seeing Sage for the first time after 10 months. He’s a mess; he doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings and worst of all he turns into a total stranger.
I felt like Paris was the closet and we were two awkward teens thrust into a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.
This time we got a bit more up close and personal with Sage. Through his POV we learned what he is going through and we sympathize with him. He had a lot on his plate and he wanted to numb himself from the world.  I totally hates what he had done in the beginning, but he totally make me see past all the ugliness and focus on the now. I’m glad with Dawn’s presence and Jacob’s lecturing, he manages to straighten up himself and be there for Dawn.
I thought I will feel a whole load of angst, but actually I don’t feel angsty at all. Whenever they confront each other, I just grab my popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride. Finally, a couple that actually communicates to clear the air. How refreshing is that. I love seeing Dawn give Sage the shit. I wish that she will hurl more than words at him, maybe a chair, a knife or something for being a total douche. Then seeing Sage being all miserable and feeling thrashed satisfy all my inner sadism. But you know what is the best part is? They didn't take half the book hating each other and that works out great because I rather they put the past behind and give us some smexy scene.
Now back to the paranormal element of the book. This time is Dawn who make a deal with the devil and she needs to pay up. Her brother magically cured of his Tourette’s Disease and her dad is sober for the first time in years. She still had one last wish that is left unfilled, but there is just no way is will happen. Together with the help from Jacob, Max (surprise, surprise) and Sage, they tried to protect Dawn and prevent the devil from taking her away.
The horror factor was totally creep-tastic. There was one scene where I nearly drop my Kindle and shriek ‘Holy fuck. Shit. Fuckity fuck. Holy Mother of God!’ along with a string of intelligible curses. What the fuck. Karina ready does know how to scare the shit out of me. *shudder*
This brinsg us to one of those epic conclusion that had my adrenaline pumping till the end. I’m still reeling from the shock from the things that unfold and I kid you not, there are so many surprises that keep me glue to my Kindle. What a brilliant ending to the Devils and for Dawn and Sage. I’m looking forward to Maximum story. This red potato deserves his own HEA. Ciao.
She was everything, and at that moment on stage, I had everything. A world at my feet and a woman with my heart.


You are my reprise, my encore, my finale.