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If God makes all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?

This is an absolute sob-fest for me. Unlike some books that they only make me cry during the last chapter, this book manage to make me cry throughout the entire book. Don't get me wrong, is not sad or depressing. Is the good kind of crying that I wish I could do-over and reread it again for the first time. I'm moved and touch by this incredible story.

The blurb of this book make it sounds like a typical romance between a scarred hero and heroine who saved his tortured soul. Although I enjoyed the blossoming love story between Fern and Ambrose, this book is so much more than that. Told in a multiple POVs, Making Faces is a very emotional, touching, uplifting story about love, friendship and family.

"Maybe everyone represents a piece of the puzzle. We all fit together to create this experience we call life."

Fern Taylor is a pastor's daughter and also happen to be Bailey's cousin cum best friend. Her view of life is simple and normalcy. She enjoyed reading and writing romance novels, she had a teenage crush on Ambrose, she take care of Bailey and manage to see the silver lining in everything around her. After being persuaded by her friend Rita, Fern decided to help her friend to write love notes on her behalf to Ambrose. From then on, Fern and Ambrose develop a deep connection that didn't fade despite the passing of time. 

Blind or deaf?

Kite or balloon?

Smart or beautiful?

Bailey Sheen is one those character that make me want to be a better person. Diagnosed with muscular atrophy disease since young, every year that Bailey live on, he consider it a blessing. Despite his disability to walk or even lift up his arm, he is optimistic and living his life in stride. He wants to kiss a girl, wrestle, be a hero etc and he make them happen. He makes me feel ashamed of myself whenever I wallow in self-pity. 

Bailey makes me laugh, he makes me cry. I admire his courage and I hope I have a Bailey in my life to tell me I need to face the shit and make things happen.

"You just need to acknowledge it. Face the shit. Accept the truth in it. Own it, wallow in it, become one with the shit."

Ambrose Young is the golden boy of Hannah Lake. He is handsome, athletic and humble. He is the guy who got everything in his hand including a full scholarship to Penn State. But against all odds and shocked to the family, he decided to enlist to find a place to just be himself. Along with his best buddies, they went to Iraq but Ambrose is the only one who came back. Ever since returning a damaged man, Ambrose has been a recluse, hiding away from probing eyes, feeling guilty for the death of his friends and wish he had die along with them. 

"If God saved my life, why didn't he save their lives? Is my life so much more valuable? So I'm special... and they're not?"

Fern and Bailey seek Ambrose out and show him that he is still the boy they know, the one who help them buried a spider and wrestle like a mythological figure. Fern teach him how to love and see things beyond the beauty and Bailey teach him how to live again. 

"I've loved you since you quoted Hamlet like you understood him, since you said you loved Ferris wheels more than roller coasters because life shouldn't be lived at full speed, but in anticipation and and appreciation."

"There isn't heartache if there hasn't been joy. I wouldn't feel loss if there hadn't been love."

I was reading the final chapter while waiting in my car for an appointment. When I reach the end and cry my heart out, blotting my nose, I look out the windscreen at the people who are busy carrying with their lives, the first thing that came to my mind was 'what the hell am I doing here?' My chores right now seems so inconsequential. I'm having the worst kind of book hangover and feeling reluctant to start a new book because I still want to savor the lingering taste that still present in my mind. 

I wrote your name across my heart
So we could be together
So I could hold you close to me
And keep you there forever