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Virtually Hers - Gennita Low The first chapter is a quick recap from all that happen in Book 1 Virtually His right until Helen gasps at her computer and found out who is her mysterious handler. Okay, is Jed McNeil. I never would have guess is him, because he appeared quite late in book 1. No, he was there from the beginning, but often referred as 'the man'.

Now Helen finally found out who is this guy who kept seducing her in the virtual reality and she wanted to confront him and make him admit it on her face. Is interesting to see how things panned out for them because he is been keeping the secret for so long.

The plot about Agent 51 is again beyond confusing from Book 1 and I already gave up reading about it. I speed through it and just read what happen between Helen and Jed. There isn't any declaration of love obviously. They are just two people being attracted to each other. The story ended in the cliffhanger, but since I'm not that invested in the story, is okay that the next book is still haven't out after so many years.