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Love Thy Neighbour - Belle Aurora Love Thy Neighbour is definitely much better than its predecessor Friend-Zoned. Both have goofy heroine, but Nat is much more likable and she doesn't makes me roll my eye constantly like I do when reading about Tina. We met Ghost aka Asher and Nat in Friend-Zoned, they give us an impression of having a lust/hate relationship going on. Despite having a wild monkey sex in the conference room, they still refuse to have any civil conversation.

Ghost aka Asher aka tortured hero, is depicted as broody and reclusive and is one of the silent owner of The White Rabbit club along with Nik and Max. But actually I don't find him broody here, he is just less talkative compare to the girls, but he had no issue communicating with Nat especially with all their banter going on.

I'm not sure what's the deal with Nat that everything Ghost did gets on her nerve. She told him that having sex with him is a one time deal and starts avoiding him. This situation went on for whole seven months and when she finally moved into a new apartment and found out she had a 'wallbanger' of a neighbour, things get interesting. The wallbanger is non other than Ghost.

As per the series titled, they both fell into another friend-zoned relationship when Ghost came over to call a truce. I like reading them doing friendly things that watching the TV and eating ice cream together. After an ordeal of Nat picking up the wrong guy from the bar, she starts to see Ghost differently. From the broody and distant Ghost to a caring and gentle Asher. They ends up getting into a 'friends with benefits' relationship.

We get to know more about this mysterious man, Asher and about his awful childhood when he starts opening to her. Listening to his ordeal breaks my heart and I just want to give him a big warm hug. I love Nat for always being there for him and willingly accept him for who he is. Whenever he called her 'pretty girl' or 'my girl', I just melted. He sounds so damn sweet with just these simply words. And when he said she teach him how to love, I'm a goner.

Maybe this sounds like a very heavy read with all Asher's background, but apart from that is really lighthearted and fun. The way they tried to sabotage each other apartment and creating havoc is pure hilarious. And when Nat told Asher that she wants to keep their relationship a secret because she doesn't them to be scrutinized, you can imagine the scene at the club. As usual Max non stop flirting with Nat and causes Asher to be seriously pissed. I had no idea that Nat is such a private person underneath all her tough chick and bitchy attitude.

I'm not sure how I feel about the epiloque in regards with Nat's medical condition that is mentioned in Friend-Zoned, but as long as both Nat and Asher got their HEA, I think I can look past the fact that I find that resolution 'unbelievable'. why can't they just adopt? Is Tina and Nik for real?