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Fatal Justice - Marie Force Wow! Fatal Justice is as good as the Fatal Affair, if not better. Fatal Justice started off with Sam being promoted to Lieutenant and at the same time Nick taken up the position as the Senator. Sam and Nick is together, but our Sam is still in a commitment-phobic mode, since she had some awful experience with her previous marriage. Nick is such a girl in this relationship, he is so committed and he wanted Sam to move in with him. I can't imagine he actually buy a new house three doors away from Sam's dad just to accommodate her. This guy is just the ideal man material.

Poor Nick. Remember he lost his best friend, John, in Fatal Affair? This time he lost another long time friend and mentor, Julian, who is going to be nominate as the Supreme Judge and who also happened to be gay. He is on the verge on total breakdown and to make matter worst, Sam's job that often put her in danger is too much for his mental capability to handle. In the meantime, he is coping with his new position as the Senator of Virginia.

Nick and Sam do have some couple's drama, mostly with Sam keeping things from Nick. She justify it by protecting him, but we know deep down she is use to being independent. By the way, am I so bad that I actually like to read about their arguments. Because every time after their confrontation, they came around and love each other more. They never drag out the cold and silent treatment. I love that about them.

I also like the multiple point of view in this series. We get to know more about the other characters, especially Freddie, Sam's sidekick. He and Elin, who we came across previously in Fatal Affair, is just so cute together. Imagine the Justin Timberlake movie 'Friends with Benefits'.

Back to the suspense. Sam finally had a lead on her father's shooter after two years. She have to juggle between catching her father's shooter and solving Julian's homicide. The fact that Julian was gay make them think killing is a political move. In the meantime, she is summoned for a hearing with the Internal Affairs for hooking up with Nick, a material witness, during the John O' Connor's investigation. She might be suspended or worst demoted from her new position.

The ending is just so perfect. Nick proposed to Sam at the White House's Rose Garden. I love the fact that she just said 'Yes' instantly without thinking. Because initially she took so long to decide whether she wanted to move in with him or not.