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Old Blood - Karina Halle Before I started with this novella, I had finished up Into the Hollow. This actually answered our curiosity as to why was Dex suddenly turned into a Hulk in On Demon Wings and Into the Hollow. LoL.

Old Blood is like a biography of Pippa aka the Creepy Clown Lady, who is Perry's maternal grandmother and Dex's nanny back in New York. Pippa had a hard life as a child, without the love of both her parents. As you see, Pippa can see ghost and this does not bode well with the family. Her father thinks that she is seeing evil and her mum is not supportive either. But apart from seeing ghost, I think that Pippa was a very fortunate lady as she had a few lovers who really did love her. Stava, her first love back in her hometown, who wanted to marry her, but she decided to follow her dream to become an actress and high tail to Stockholm. Despite not able to become an actress as she had planned, she love her job as an makeup and wardrobe assistant. There she met Ludie, an aspiring actor, her one true love, but he turned out to be a jerk. Later on, she met Karl, who eventually become her husband. But she still doesn't feel happiness in her life. I was quite upset to read that she go down the path of infidelity and having an affair with Ludie while being married. Pippa later on bear a child, Ingrid aka Perry's mum, who belongs to Ludie instead of Karl .

She gave birth to her first child, Ingrid, despite warning from Jakob. Jakob is this spirit or ghost that appeared at random times during Pippa's life. He warned that Ingrid will be her death or something and she might be passing down her 'gift' to her future generation. I can't imagine that at such a young age, Ingrid had started to despise her mother and thinks that she should be lock up somewhere.

When Ingrid decided to pursue her modelling dream in New York, Ingrid insisted to follow along, leaving Karl back home. When Ingrid wanted to let her boyfriend to move in, Pippa had no choice but to move out. There is when she had to take up the job as a nanny for Dex's family. Here we met Dex, the 6 year old boy, who had a workaholic father, a drunk and mentally unstable mother and a big brother who is the father's favorite. We finally found out what's the deal with Dex's mum. Dex is practically being mentally abuse by his parent. No wonder he turned out to be a little crazy and manic himself. Pippa had a partially towards Dex partly because he can see ghost like she do. She instantly felt a connection to the boy and she wanted to be a mother, which he doesn't seems to have.

I think Pippa was Dex's nanny for about a decade when Dex's father decided to leave his family behind and Regina, Dex's mother no longer can pay for Pippa's service. All this while, Pippa had been seeing ghost and she's getting more and more mentally unstable. Ingrid took care of her for a while, but in the end her daughter decided to send Pippa to the mental institute. At this time, Ingrid was married and already gave birth to Perry. Jakob warned Pippa that Perry might inherited her 'gift'. Pippa spent a decade in the institute before she committed suicide. When she died, she saw Jakob again at the Otherside. He wanted to bring her 'over', but she decided to stay to look after Dex and Perry. .