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Mr. Real: Code of Shadows: Book 1 (Volume 1) - Carolyn Crane the premise for the story was very unique. Imagine you can actually conjure up anything from jewelry, shoes and even a 'Man' by just merely clicking on the jpeg in your computer. That what's happen on Alix, when she stumble upon something witchy in her Aunt's house.

So she 'ordered' Sir Kendall, a character played by Paul in a liquor ad. What's surprising is we got 3 POV here including Alix, Paul and even Sir Kendall. Initially I thought Sir Kendall is something fake, but when we got his POV, we can't help but feel that he is real too.

The romance between Alix and Paul is just nice and sweet, but not enough tension build up. Mainly I read till the end just to figure out how Alix gonna settle the mess of conjuring up Sir Kendall.