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Dark Future - K.C. Klein This is very dark and intense romance, without all the fluff. There is definitely the Terminator vibe in here, but instead of the past, Sarah Connor was brought to the future to save mankind. Kris, was brought to the future unwillingly to save ConRad, which is suppose to be her mission. And of course she doesn't have first had knowledge of what is happening. First quarter of the book showed Kris discovering what lies in the future with aliens invading the Earth, and ConRad is a Commander of an Army trying to protect mankind. There is so much brutally, tortured and abused in the story, but the author did not goes too graphic with it.

The dialogue between H/H was either angst, nerve wrecking, tension and passion. Not much humor for us to laugh out. But we readers just hope they get their HEA and get away from all this crap that happened around them.

The ending was kind of open ended though. I was wondering whether the author plan to do a sequel. When the book ended, I was left feeling, 'What's next?'.