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My Bluegrass Baby - Molly Harper After bawling my eyes out from reading Me before You by Jojo Moyes, I am in need of a romantic comedy fix. So I grab My Bluegrass Baby to give myself a good laugh. This is a typical romantic comedy, but not as funny as Sophie Kinsella or the Wallbanger (with much more crude jokes).

This story set in Kentucky (remind me of fried chicken), about Sadie, who worked as the assistant marketing director for the state tourism board. She is so confident about getting the promotion to director postition, after Ray, her boss, retires. Unfortunately, here comes Josh (Sadie hates him for being so well-groomed), from Atlanta, recruited by someone higher in the food-chain, to take the job away from Sadie. So here starts the office war between both of them. To give them both a fair chance, they each have to come out with a marketing idea for the state fair, so the winner will get the job.

The supporting character, Kelsey (Sadie's assistant) provide many laugh out loud moments and I do pity Josh when he end up as the victim of many of the mischievous revenge they plot against him. What I like most about Josh is that he is a non-confrontational type of guy. Even though he knows Sadie and Kelsey's jokes on him nearly caused him to have a concussion, he did not confront them. He just sucked it up and go to work the next day as if nothing had happened. Such a nice guy. I hate guys that confront girls and demand every explanation.

The staff even separate themselves into Team Sadie and Team Josh. Their bickering in the office is getting unprofessional, and Ray pointed out to them. Half way through, with the help from Kelsey, they settled their differences and come to a truce. They will work as friends and won't sabotage each other, may the best person wins the position.

The funniest part is when Josh's ex fiance showed up during the Derby Day event, and he totally freaked out and starts hyperventilating. Poor guy. Luckily, Sadie helped him save the day. This actually showed that no matter how much Sadie despised him, she still have a good heart in her. This is also the part whereby Josh explained why he move from Atlanta to Kentucky.

Both of them had then started to have feelings for each other, but Josh (the thinker), feels that they should not start dating because after the winner is announce, he doesn't want any of them to have hard feelings. So they agree to wait until the competition ends. But oh Josh, I know you can't wait that long.

I was quite anxious to know who is the winner because each of them had such a different idea when comes to idea in marketing. So when in the end, Josh gave up the race, I was quite shocked and wondering is this purely because he wanted Sadie to win. In the end, Josh explained that Sadie's enemy, Rowley (the guy who actually push Josh to the job), sabotage the voting in order to get Josh to win. So the ever-considerate Josh, pulled out from the race. He then hide himself and avoid seeing Sadie so that she will never found out what he did. Such a sweet guy. Fast forward to the ending, Sadie manage to convinced Josh to apply as the assistant director position so that they can both work together from there-on.

A charming romantic comedy set in Kentucky between co-worker that make you smile.

P/s: one non-explicit sex scene.