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And One Last Thing ... - Molly Harper This is my second Molly Harper's book after reading My Bluegrass Baby. The tone of both book is quite similar contemporary romance with enough dose of humour to light up your day. But I somehow feels that My Bluegrass Baby is more romantic and engaging.

And One Last Thing... is about Lacey who found out about her husband's affair with his secretary and decided to get even with him. She emailed all his clients, friends and family members regarding his infidelity. The thing just got blow over and her act discussed by the entire community. Thus, she goes to hiding in the cabin ( I forgot the location ), and met her sexy neighbour, 'Lefty' Monroe. You got to read to find out why Monroe is named Lefty there.

Monroe only made his appearance 30% into the book. First portion of the book is about Lacey finding out about her cheating husband, how she plot her revenge and how she cope with all the media fuss.

Monroe is an ex-cop with a family full of doctors. The story didn't explained why he didn't follow his family footstep though. After an accident that earned him the name 'Lefty', he quit the force and became a crime writer. As the story progress, Monroe develop a friendship with Lacey and encourage her to be a writer as well.

The story didn't have a climax apart from Lacey and Monroe got into a disagreement about her involvement in helping other women to ruin their cheating husband reputation.

Mike, Lacey's ex-husband is such an ass, not only that he cheats, but he dare to ask Lacey to come back after things fall apart. According to him, he is giving her a chance to mend the fences. Such an ass.

The no fuss ending. Lacey divorced her husband for good. Monroe and Lacey forgive each other and Lacey decided not to help with the 'ruining reputation' thing and she ask Monroe to move with her back into the city.