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Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway I don't care if the story turns out good or bad. We got a hero who is a drag queen here! How often do you get this? Thus,I dive in without much consideration. Although the plot and ending is not emotionally engaging and I won't be gushing much about Nicholas aka Viv, this is a solid 4 star read for contemporary romance fans. Best of all, is a standalone and we got our HEA.

To those who have doubt about reading a hero who happen to be a drag queen. No worries, the only time he showed his feminine side is during his performance. When he step off from the stage, he is all man. He is straight as an arrow and not even bisexual. Nicholas had a bad childhood with his mother died when he was 6 years old and his father is often not at home. He developed a fascination by dressing himself in his mother's clothes.

Fred is a baker cum worker at a charity shop who happens to have a new neighbor, the hot and sexy, Nicholas. Both Fred and her housemate, Nora, are drooling over him since day one. But never in their life, will they expect him to turn out to be a drag queen performing at a local bar. Nora is disappointed, but Fred is fascinated. She claimed that Nicholas painted her life in techni-color.

I'm abit annoyed with the fact that Nicholas had been non-stop hitting at Fred since day one and he is so damn forward about it. Maybe he is trying to stay true to his character as a man-whore. Although, Fred is attracted to him as well, but she is shocked about his forwardness. I am surprised that she didn't just punch him or slap him earlier. And when she finally did, I cheered!

This story is not about the heroin trying to change the hero. Is about Fred capability to love Nicholas for who he is. They developed a close friendship when Nicholas hired Fred to be his assistant during the show. Although, he still keep hitting on her in a totally not platonic way. She finally did give in when they both travel to Scotland for a show. The ending is quite predictable. You know, girl confessed the L word, the guy turned jerk and push her away due to his tortured soul. But I like the fact that he did some grovel and win her back in the end. Anyway, the seduction game and the sex scene was HOT! For this reason itself, is worth the read.