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Forbidden Nights with a Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks I jumped into this without reading all the previous books in the series. Therefore, all the past characters that appeared and so many of their past are being recapped in a brief way threw me off balance. I find it frustrating and annoying at times that the cast was HUGE and they are like one big happy family. Everyone seemed to be married. There are Roman/Shannan, Ian/Toni, Jack/Lara, Maggie/Pierce and etc... It felt too cliche. Maybe I only have myself to blame for skipping the previous books. I'm sure for those who follow through every single book, they will appreciate all the past characters appearance.

Initially, the book started with Vanda who needs an Anger Management sponsor as per ordered by Roman. Okay, this is totally funny in a weird way because I've never heard this before in any PNR books. So, Phil, volunteered himself to be her sponsor. They both knew each other 8 years ago when Vanda was in the harem and Phil was her guard. They had not seen each other for the past 3 years after Vanda left the harem to live on her own.

From the beginning, Phil is pining on Vanda because he want her since all those years ago. Vanda was pushing him away reluctantly because she thinks he is a mortal. She used to have a mortal lover, who died for saving her. Okay, since from the book excerpt, we know that Phil is definitely not mortal, he kept his identity a secret for his own reason. But most of his work buddies do know about his identity. So, is that a secret or not a secret? I'm not sure, it seems like only Vanda is in the dark about this. Phil, seems like the perfect guy. He did and say all the right thing all the time. A little too perfect for my taste. Okay, I'm a masochist.

The romance between them was not really build up, maybe due to them having know each other years ago. Phil reappearance simply means he want to finally claim her for himself. But anyway, the smut was HOT. And after Vanda find out Phil's true nature, she only freaked out and contemplate her decision for about 10 minutes before jumping on each other again. I would like this angle to be more panned out and develop.

What vampire books will be complete without some politic conflicts. We have Malcontents (bad vamp) wanted to start a war with Romatech (good vamp). A lot of plotting and strategies are going on there, but Vanda does not really involve in all this, although she did appeared to help in the fight half way through. I'm sure this war will continue through the next book, since Casimir, the Malcontent's boss, is still alive.