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Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs We finally got the resolution with Mercy-Sam-Adam debacle. What a relief. I'm glad that Patricia Briggs didn't drag this on any longer.

In Book 1, we got wolves politics, Book 2, vampire-sorcerer-demon violence, now in Book 3 we finally have a fae situation. Things started off with Zee, Mercy's ex-boss, who is also a fae require Mercy's nose to sniff out a multiple homicide case at the Reservation. The investigation lead to Zee got caught with a dead human and Mercy trying to clear his name by bringing in a fae-hater lawyer, who came highly recommended by Kyle. Although, Mercy was skeptical, she believes Kyle.

During the music carnival, with Samuel playing the violin and singing, and Mercy was so engross with his performance that she ignore Adam who came to sit behind her, I was a little worried that I make a wrong assumption that she will choose Adam. I nearly had a panic attack right there. We were introduced to Tim and Austin who were part of a society that study on fae. Mercy befriended them to gain information to help Zee.

Adam went berserk when his daughter, Jesse got attacked by her schoolmate and Mercy came to help calm the situation down before Adam go to kill someone. Mercy commented that Adam was really attractive when he goes berserk and punch down the door, how sweet is that. Mercy was push to finally make a decision between Sam and Adam when Honey, one of the wolves pack member, who Mercy actually despise, told her that her indecisiveness is weakening the pack status and Adam is going crazier by the day.

The car scene when Samuel and Mercy talked things out between themselves was so heartwarming. They finally came to an agreement of what are they both meant for each other. I'm sure they will turn out as 'best friend forever' kind. I wanted to shout Hurray! Go team Adam!

On the other hand, the investigation got Mercy ended up chasing down by a crazy fae, and she hightail to Adam's house. Ben make some heroic moves by jumping out of a window, which was commented by Adam as being stupid. LoL. The bathroom scene with Adam fussing over the injured Mercy was so sweet. Aww.....

The climax and ending in Iron Kissed is the most intense and heart felt. Poor Mercy... ended up being raped by Tim, who drug her with something magical. She is a fighter and she ended up killing him of course. But she is seriously worried that Adam might not want her anymore. When Adam and his wolves reached her garage, he is too late save her from the ordeal. But our dear Adam role is always to handle the aftermath and the complication. He took care of her and settle the problem with the authority. The book end with Adam asking her what is her decision. Yes, of course.