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Late Eclipses - Seanan McGuire Someone once told me that if I love Curran from Kate Daniel's, I should like Tybalt in October Daye's. After speed reading through 4 books, I still can't see the resemblance here. Tybalt, the king of Cat is disappointing me. First of all, he had little screen time. Everytime he did manage to appear, would be to bring Toby to travel through the shadow. And when his courts had problem, he ask Toby help. Honestly, Toby is not that great for solving problem, I would say. She just stumble over everything and got lucky. He tends to wait for her decision, which doesn't coincide with his role as a king.

So overall, if you love Curran like I do (who doesn't btw), you can give Tybalt a try. But he never came close.