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Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh What a surprise from the ending of Angels' Blood. After a year long coma, Elena woke to find herself a newly made Angel by Raphael, the Archangel of New York. Now everyone in the angel community either was curious or jealous of her. With Elena still recovering at the Refuge, Raphael had to keep her safe with his people.

We learned from previous installment that Lijiun, the oldest archangel was reviving the death as reborn to be her minion. Raphael together with other archangels have to put a stop to her madness. Meanwhile, there were several attacks around the Refuge, involving a vampire, angel and even a child.

Elena is trying to adapt to her new life as an angel and learning how to fly. Apparently, flying is not as easy as it seems. She also got combat training from Galen, one of Raphael's Seven. Illium, the blue-winged angel was her constant companion, acting as her bodyguard. One thing I don't really understand is that most of Raphael's people actually don't respect Elena as his mate. Dimitri and Illium will sometimes hitting on her, while Galen was an anonymity. Don't they afraid of Raphael's rage? Anyway, I like Raphael got all jealous when Illium wants to present Elena a knife.

Since Elena had gained immortality, is a fact that she will have to spend her eternity with Raphael. They are still trying to adapt living with and respect each other. Both Elena and Raphael starts to share with each other their painful past. We finally find out what actually happened during the day when Elena's sisters were killed. As for Raphael we learned something about his archangels parent and what happened to his dad.

From the beginning, Raphael and Elena were invited to Lijiun's home for a ball. However, this didn't take place until 80% into the book. Most part of the story was with Elena investigating the attack in Refuge itself. Apparently there is an angel who wants to rise to archangel status to replace Uram, the previous archangel killed by Raphael in Angels' Blood. While at Lijiun's, they witness the reborn made by the archangel and they will have no choice but to confront her head-on.