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Virtually His - Gennita Low First of all, this book is a bit too technical for me to remember all the names, technical terms or the operation. The plot is beyond confusing that half the time I don't what is happening with the mission. So bear with me that I'm only going to describe what is happening between the H/h.

Helen aka 'Hell', is the military experimental subject who is being trained to be some kind of super spy. She had this rare ability to remote view through virtual reality and able to cope with the serum than most other operatives. She under the guidance from a mysterious handler, whom identity was kept secret from her. From the beginning together with Helen, I am curious and keep guessing who is this mysterious guy. There were several hot guys around the base and the author keep throwing hints at us, but some are just to make us confuse. Hah! By 30%, I guess he must be this guy, but at 50%, I felt maybe no, by 80%, oh is this other guy! I don't really like the writing and as I said the action plot is a bit confusing, but I kept reading because I wanted to know who is this mysterious handler. In the end, Helen finally found out. But us reader will have to know some hints from previous chapter to know who Helen meant.

Most of the romance plot is within the virtual reality where Helen meets him, but he only appeared as a avatar created by Helen that resemble a naked Greek God. There is a sexy scene whereby he came to her room in the dark and drug her, then have his way with him. She's not being rape, mind you. She just can't move her limbs and she gives him consent. I will definitely read the next book because I wanted to see how Helen gonna confront him.