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Envy - Sandra Brown I remember reading this sometime ago, the mystery really drew me in. I would say this is one of the romantic suspense with the strongest plot I ever read. From the start, we are wondering what is Parker's motivation, why is he handicap and what is the connection between the current events and the story of Envy.

Parker is a recluse living in an island and he is also novelist who happen to send in the initially chapter of his novel titled 'Envy' to Maris' publishing company. Maris is the owner of the company and also an editor, she was fascinated with the story and the author himself. She decided to seek him out and negotiate a contract with him and hope he can finish the story soon.

The current story with Maris and Parker was woven together with some of the chapters from Envy itself. Envy is a story about two college friends who studied English literature together. They are best friends and they are also rivals. From the beginning, I can't wait to see how both story will actually merge together in the end.

There is really no way to talk about the plot without giving out some spoiler. I will just said that for those who loves reading romantic suspense with a great mystery, this is highly recommended.