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One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy Wow! No wonder there's such a hype on this book. I'm totally blown away and its totally not what I'm expecting. I thought this is a story about a guy paid a girl to pretend to be his girlfriend and then bring her back to see his freaky family. To say Drew's family is freaky is an understatement of the year.

Drew Callahan, the campus football team's quarterback has it all, money, fame, good look..... But no one could have guess he's hiding a dark secret. The fact that he had to spend a week long holiday with his parent is freaking him out and he decided to hire someone to pretend to be his girlfriend, in order for him to survive the holiday.

Fable, oh, I just love this young woman. She had already quit school and work as a barmaid to support her mum and a stepbrother, Owen. She really cared for her family and she's willing to play the role of a pretend girlfriend to earn herself the three thousand bucks from Drew. She had the reputation as a loose girl, but she such a strong character. I like the way she stands up for Drew and always stay by his side no matter how he pushes her away. I really admire her strength, her courage and the maturity. You know sometimes the heroin can be so dense and you are wondering how can they be so blind? But that's not the case for Fable. She see through Drew facade and she pretty much manage to guess what the deal with the parent.

About half way through, we kinda figure out what the hell is happening, but then another huge bomb was drop. Holy shit! Can things get even more f*cked up that it already is? My heart breaks for Drew and for such a shitty life he had to face it. To talk more about the plot will be a huge spoiler. Basically you will be in for a wild ride. The ending bring me to tears, but it ended in a hopeful note. I finish this in one sitting and I can't wait to start on the next one.