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Me Before You - Jojo Moyes I have never cried so hard on bed after finishing a book. I feel conflicted and not even sure how should I rate this.

This is also the first time that i wanted to hurl my kindle on the nearest wall for such an ending. Honestly, I really didn't see it coming, because I always read romance and they will be an HEA. The cover is PINK and girlie!

In the end, I'm happy for Will because he ending his misery. But I also hated him because he is so selfish that he left his family behind, knowing they suffer the consequences after his action. I even felt that he should try to have a further with Louisa.

I thought this book is to encourage handicap people to live a full life. But in the end it seems like handicap people should just.... what?.... killed themselves?!?! I hate this.

I remember my grandpa use to be really sick. Our family member think is best for him to go instead of helping him to survive. I totally advocated for it. I even told my mum, if I'm in coma, you have to let me go. I doesn't want to suffer like this either.

In the end I gave it a 5 stars, because the story is so moving and I keep reading it until 4am just to know the ending. And then i cried. I wish I didn't actually pick up this book because i feel so depressed right know and this story is going to stick in my mind for quite some time.