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Rajmund - D.B. Reynolds Oh, I hate goodreads sometimes. They should have this autosave review function. I always lost my review whenever I finish typing it. Arg!!

This Book 3 can works as a standalone since both Sarah and Rajmund was not featured in the first two books. Sarah was only briefly mentioned as Cyn's friend in the epilogue of Jabril. Sarah met Rajmund, a powerful vampire of Manhattan through her connection with Cyn and Raphael. They have this instant attraction towards each other, but beside of a slow dance, they didn't act upon it.

After their brief meeting, Sarah returns to Buffalo to her job as a professor of History in the university. She is hiding her true identity as a psychic from everyone around her and plan to remain that way. The disappearance of young women haunted her dreams and she struggle to maintain hidden when people from her past threaten to unveil her secrets. Meanwhile, Rajmund was summoned to Buffalo by his Sire, Vampire lord Krystof, to deal with the missing women who visited the blood house. To add matter worst, Lord Krystof power and authority is declining and Rajmund will need to challenge for his position soon, before some other powerful vampire come in the territory to seize power.

Is fun to read the role reversal here with Sarah, who is clearly attracted to Rajmund and wanted to jump his bone whenever she sees him, while Rajmund was trying to act more rational and focus his attention on the investigation that might threaten the vampire community. Raphael came across as quiet and lethally dangerous, while Rajmund is also badass, but more communicative and suave. He is trying to claim the vampire lord throne from his sire. Despite that instant attraction between Sarah and Rajmund, this two really take a long time to come together. We were also introduced to Emelia, Rajmund's lieutenant and also his best friend. They have this great boss and employee vibe going on. When Rajmund was not engaging himself with Sarah, he is with Emelia investigating on the blood houses in Buffalo.

We also got a treat on some glimpses on Cyn and Raphael, the couple from Book 1 and 2. They are married and so in love. They are only featured in chapter 1 and 2 and the epilogue. Although I'm not sure whether to hate it or love it that this book ended with a cliffhanger on Cyn and Raphael. Rajmund and Sarah got their little HEA, but I just need to rush to book 4 to know what's happening on Raphael.