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Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy Another emotional read that left me with puffy eyes early in the morning because I wanted to read another chapter before I started work. My colleagues will think I have a fight with my boyfriend. After the ending in One Week Girlfriend, Drew had left Fable alone to deal with his problems. In the last book, we mostly read about Drew's f*cked up family and that crazy bitch of a stepmum, Adele. I want to sink my claws on her, tear her flesh out and feed her carcass to the wild. I so wanted her to die a horrible death. And she did! Hurray!.

Previously, we read about Fable, being a tough cookie even though she had a loser mum and teenage brother to take care. In Second Chance Boyfriend, Fable shows that she had her own sets of problems to deal with too. But instead of sulking away like Drew, she faces them head-on. After two months of not seeing Drew, she wanted to move on. I was glad that I didn't need to wait until the end of the book to see them reconcile. They both reconcile pretty early and the rest of the book is about how they handle their relationship and deals with some real life problems.

Drew is growing on me. My heart ache for him since the last book. But he just appeared as a broken boy that needs Fable to heal him. This time he had finally come around to deal with his demons and be there for Fable when she needs him. I love the fact that he man up and wanted to make things right. And I love his little poems. Aww...who would have guess he had a talent in poetry, eh?

We were also introduced to some new supporting characters, whom I wish Murphy will explore further in future books. There is this Colin guy, who came out of nowhere to hire Fable for his bar. He seems mature, handsome and successful. Initially I was wondering what is his motive of hiring Fable and I find him kind of creepy, but in the end I'm fascinated by him.

Although, this second book is not as exciting and engaging as the first because we had already know Drew's secret. But I'm captivated nonetheless because I wanted too much for Drew and Fable to have their nice HEA. And of course we need to know what will happen to that bitch, Adele.