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Sophia - D.B. Reynolds I'm just gonna give this a 5 star just because there is so much of Cyn's and Raphael's page time. I would never have guess Murphy will still continue writing on them. I thought they got their HEA and be done with. If you are wondering who are Cyn and Raphael, they are the couple from Book 1 and 2. Although the story of Sophia and Colin started in this book 4, almost half the book is about Cyn and Raphael, so if you miss the book 1 and 2, I felt this book will not be as good.

Sophia is a lone vampire residing in Central America and was summoned back to Vancouver by her Sire, Lord Lucien. Only to find a letter left by her Sire when she arrived. It details on tragedy happening to the vampire community and he won't be available to sort out the mess. This lead Sophia into Lord Raphael's territory.

Colin was an ex-SEAL residing in Northwest coast as a local enforcer. He walked into an aftermath of vampire's mate being brutalized and was thus engage into the investigation of vampire being targeted for killing.

I grew suspicious of the way the story between Sophia and Colin going to develop because they only have half the page time and Cyn and Raphael practically steal the show (they even have more sex scene, mind you). So when Sophia and Colin first met in Raphael's compound, we were told that they had a history a decade ago, I was like 'okay, that will definitely speed things up'. Their history was definitely not mentioned at all in previous books. Ten years ago, they were an item and Sophia took an opportunity to fake her death in order to leave Colin because of her being a vampire. Colin didn't knew her identity back then. I'm not sure I like their relationship because Sophia is obviously an alpha female who is rising to take over Lord Lucien's throne. While, Colin is not a beta hero either. So their vibe felt off to me.

Now back to my favorite couple Cyn and Raphael. Can they be even more lovely together? Sometimes I forgotten that Raphael is a vampire because he act overtly protective of his mate is like a behavior of a shapeshifter. Any beings, human or otherwise who dare touch Cyn will suffered from wrath of Lord Raphael. That guy can basically cause small earthquake, I kid you not. He is the most scariest vampire hero that I came across.

Sometime Cyn can be so stubborn that I wanted her to stop acting like she is bulletproof, but maybe that is what she is. I'm not fond of reading them arguing the security issue over and over again. But after every argument, they kiss and make up and that's so sweet.

Since the vamps are asleep during daytime, this give some time for the humans, ie. Cyn and Colin to form a good partnership, along with Robbie, the human assign by Raphael as Cyn's bodyguard. I like Cyn and Colin interaction and how clueless he can be of vampires behavior and rules. Marco and Preston, the two vampires who belong to Raphael, are dead, killed by humans while they are asleep during the daylight. Cyn assist in the investigation along with Colin and Robbie during the day, and Raphael and his vamps hunt down the killers during the night. I'm excited to find out how Raphael is gonna kill the humans and I don't feel sick at all.

If you are fans of Cyn and Raphael, you should definitely grab this book. They are more in love than ever and you can see how committed they are to each other. I hope Murphy will continue with their story because I doubt I will ever gonna read another vampire that is gonna top Raphael on the badass level.