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Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh I have read many books about vampires and shapeshifters, but this is my first time reading about angels. They truly are angelic and breathtakingly beautiful, from what Nalini described them to be.

Elena is a mortal vampire hunter of the Guild. She had been disowned by her father for choosing who she wants to be. Her job is to track down the rogue vampire and return them back to their respective angel. When the Archangel of New York, Raphael, summoned her for a job she would never have guess, he wanted her to help track down a rogue archangel. She is beyond frighten by meeting the archangel and even worst the job itself. Think being summoned by the mafia boss to settle a family affair. Even you succeed or fail, in the end, they might silence you.

After a string of urban fantasy and paranormal series that I had read, the heroes are totally badass or kickass, but Raphael is the most deadly of them all. He is an archangel that is capable of flying, mind-controlling, being invisible and throw lightning bolts at you. Holy cow. No one mortal or immortal stand a chance with him. However, in Angels' Blood, he is hunting down another archangel gone rogue, Uram.

Without even meeting Uram in person for the most part of the book, the carnage he left behind make you hate him to death. The death we wish upon him will need to be totally brutal and cruel beyond words. He is on a killing rampage across the New York City and Elena is entrusted with the job to track him down, while Raphael will....kill him, of course.

Meanwhile, we were introduce to some important supporting characters, Dimitri, the seductive and powerful vampire, who is Raphael's right hand man, Illium, the blue wing angel, Sara, Elena's boss and best friend, Michaela, another archangel who is Uram's lover but keeps trying to seduce Raphael.

The final showdown between Raphael and Uram was fantastic and definitely a movie worthy battle scene. I never read the review for book 2 nor the except, thus the aftermath of Angels' Blood came as a surprise to me. I kept wondering where did Raphael stash Elena and what had happened to her. I know she is definitely alive. When Elena woke after a year long coma and found that she now possess a pair a wing, I was shocked. Instead of turning her into a vampire, Raphael turned her into an angel like him.