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Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy This is definitely not my genre because I'm having a hard time understanding and remembering all the scifi terms and I can't even recall the actual spelling of the heroin's status as that is driving element in the entire book. Is that cybertech or cyberteck? Oh shit.

The heroin Eddie, who works for the Crib (some kind of controlling government) got kidnap by the Rovers (freedom fighters group) with the help from some serfs (human slave after they are being convicted). The hero, Finn, is one of the serf that assist in kidnapping Eddie for a promise of freedom by the Rovers. Unfortunately, once they got hold of Eddie, they assign Finn as her bodyguard by leasing him to her with a device implant in their brain that connects them together. Finn will die if he gets out of range from Eddie or if she got killed herself.

Eddie had a rare talent that the Rover needs and they are ready to pay her a hefty reward upon completion. However, threatening her with Finn's life is not helping the matter as she form a strong attachment to him. After witnessing Finn got brutalized by the Rover, she decided that staying will only get him killed and they plan for an escape together.

The mission gets really techno and half the time I don't know what they are actually doing. After their escape plan got thwarted, Eddie and Finn decided they will complete the Rover mission and collect the reward and then find out how to cut the leash that connects them. The relationship that both Eddie and Finn had is not much of a romance, but is something deeper. Imagine your very survival is depended on another person. It will definitely trigger some deep emotional connection. They both needed each other to survive. But after learning what happen to both her friends, Bethany and Lucas, she decided that keeping things professional with Finn is for the best.

I really wanted to read the next book to know how everything will end for Eddie and Finn, but is also seems hard for me to go through another mind spinning techno jargon that I can't seems to understand. I had wishful thinking that there is another dummy version for me minus all the jargon.