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How Beauty Met the Beast - Jax Garren I had finally decided to start on this book because the third and final book will be out soon. This is another retelling of beauty and the beast with the background of some modern stempunk-ish thrown in.

Wesley 'Hauk' Haukon is the most physically scarred hero that I ever read. He is always wearing a hoodie jacket and leather glove to cover up himself after being burned in Afghanistan's military barrack. He is a war veteran, but now he is a fugitive accused of the tragedy that killed him comrades. He flee from prison and now had joined the Underlight, some kind of secret society that bring justice to the people. Hauk often had to hide himself from public and limit his socializing with a handful of the Underlight's member. His best friend is Brayden, the computer expert. I'm really lousy in churning out facts, so I try not to explain too much on the world-building. The Underlight is literally an underground society and their often hunted by the Hands of Ananke.

Jolie Benoit, a grad student by day and Burlesque dancer by night met the Hauk one night after her show at the back stage. Maybe I won't use the word met since she didn't actually see his face. I felt that their first sexual encounter backstage was far-retched, but anyway beside that minor problem the story was page-turning. After Hauk left, Jolie nearly got kidnap and Hauk came to her rescue. That's when she first saw his face and was shocked.

The story continues with Jolie being brought to the Underlight and she learned about this secret society and her dad's role in Ananke. She's literally the enemies daughter. When her niece, Whitney was kidnapped, she convinced Hauk to help save her. Oh, that Whitney girl was definitely a handful for a twelve year old. I bet Jolie had aneurysm just by talking to her.

Hauk had lead a solitude life for five years since his accident and only focus his mind on his work for Underlight. Jolie presence in his life make him miss the normal life he used to have. He is now grateful that she isn't scared of him and wanted to be his friend. He couldn't have ask for more. Behind his physical scarred, Hauk is such a great guy, who is loyal to his friend and continues to believes and serve for the good cause. He is not even brooding for all the awful things that happen to him.

This is a nice quick read and seems like a short introduction to the world that Jax Garren created. I'm really intrigue by Hawk's character and can't wait to start on the second book, How the Beauty Saved the Beast.