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Soul Avenged - Keri Lake This is going to be my next favorite urban fantasy series. The cover itself reminds us of the Underworld movie and it pretty much have the same vibe. We have Ayden, the cold-blooded kickass heroin with hatred towards Lycans and her mission is to kill everyone of them. Then we have the Sons of Wrath, there is a total of six of them, and each one of them exude sex appeal. Usually I don't like reading books with so many future-hero-to-be waving for attention, it kinds of distract us away from the main H/h. Although the Sons of Wrath do take some of the page time for us to get to know them, I really enjoy all their multiple POVs. Even the villains are fleshed out and we understand their motivation. Well, except for Draven, the Alexi soldier. I think his POV can be cut short. We have Gavin, the eldest brother, Zeke, the man-whore, Logan, the asshole, Zayne, the heartbroken one, and.... sorry I couldn't remember.

Kane, a doctor leaving a night shift got attack and bitten by Lycan and his life practically turns into hell. He got kidnap by this violent woman back to a demon lair and thrown into this supernatural world. Initially I expect him to be wallowing in self-pity and at the brink of suicidal from the way the demons taunted him and Ayden giving him shit. But I was surprise to find him acting all upbeat and carefree for a man who was going to die in a week time. He definitely was enjoying his last day of living. Yeah, that's what Ayden had been threatening all along. Kill him when he finally turned into a full blown Lycan in a week.

Initially I dislike Ayden for treating the Kane, the poor innocent man like shit. I don't understand why she hated him so much. The only reason she didn't kill him on sight is because when she accidentally came in contact with him, she had some vision that she can't explain herself. To satisfy her own curiosity, she decided to keep him alive for a week and use him to help her locate the Lycan that attack her three years ago.

We later learned the reason behind Ayden's extreme hatred towards Lycan and why she acted the way she is when she first met Kane. Although the first half of the book was focus more on the Wrath brothers, I felt that Ayden and Kane did get sufficient time to build up their relationship. She started wanting to kill him, to hating him, to being annoyed by him, then understanding him and finally loving him. The way they interact with each other is fun to read because Kane keeps annoying the hell out of her. She don't understand how a dead man can be so cheerful. He is this bright spot that appear in her life full of darkness and gloom.

"I think hell welcomed you a long time ago, baby."
"How dare you call me baby, you filthy wolf."
She leaned forward. "Same damn thing, moron."

The first half of the book Kane spent most of his time being handcuffed to bed. Wink wink. The second half is where the action starts. Kane is turning from a weak human into a full blown Lycan and goes all berserk! Wow! He is afraid that he will end up killing innocent people when he turned. My eyes goes misty when both Ayden and Kane wanted to sacrifice themselves for each other. At the same time I also had a wide grin because Ayden finally starts to feel.

Of course, we also have Gavin, the eldest Wrath brother. He is this perfect alpha hero that exude dominance and authority. He used to be Ayden's lover, but when he wants her to be his permanent mate, she back out. I knew from the start that no matter how awesome he is, he won't get Ayden. But anyway, from the progress of this story, I'm sure he had a story later on Sabelle, the succubus. For the brief time that she appeared near the ending, her presence intrigue me. I hope that the next book will be of Gavin and Sabelle.

Now that I finished the book, I only realize is 500+ pages. I never notice it because I'm reading from my Kindle and I just breeze through the pages in two days. There are so many things going on without any dull moments. Well, except for Draven's POV. Okay, I should stop mentioning the name of someone I hate. Anyway, go read this!