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The Best Man - Kristan Higgins I would have rate it 5 stars, if chick lit is the only genre I read. But sadly, I had read too much awesome romance, so although I kinda love this book, I gotta rate it 4 stars just to be consistent. I actually read this whole book in one night and then only I realize is actually 400+ pages. I had no idea how I manage it, but I did lose some sleep over it.

The first chapter itself had me laughing so hard that I have to stop myself looking like an idiot. Faith is having such a bad luck when comes to looking for a steady boyfriend. It is unbelievable that all her potential mates ended up either being gay, a criminal or having some other unsavory behavior. So now she is resorting to stalking and staking out outside a guy's home to avoid any surprises in the future. She even had a checklist made, not because she is picky, she just want someone who wasn't gay, married, unkind, amoral or too short.

We got some flashback on how Faith met her boyfriend of 8 years, Jeremy who ended up being her ex-fiance now. I don't think is a spoiler to mentioned that he is actually gay , since it was mentioned from the first chapter itself. I do find the flashback chapters getting in the way while I was reading the present story. But we learned how deep is Jeremy and Levi's friendship and how is Faith's initial relationship with Levi back in the senior high days.

Most people hate their ex's best friend, and in this case ex-fiance's best friend. But they doesn't had any deep hatred, mostly just annoyed of each other presence. Levi used to be considered white trash from the trailer park, so we see how he value his friendship with Jeremy, the rich kid who treated him as equal. After Levi's stint at the army, he came back as a hometown hero and now the local police chief. But his job mainly covers settling neighbor dispute, which include someones dog attacking someone else chicken, cat got escape and etc.

The highlight of this book gotta be the Hollands family who owned the Blue Heron Winery. I myself used to live with both my grandparents and parents together with my siblings under the same roof. So I can imagine how chaos can it be when four generations of Hollands congregate together. They have multiple conversations at one time where everyone are talking and nobody is listening. Faith moved to San Francisco for three years after being jilted at the alter and now she is considering moving back to the family and get herself involve with the family business. Her big sister, Prudence, is facing sexual relationship issue with her husband, who wanted to turn things kinky. Wink wink. Both her niece and nephew thinks that their parents are turning into sex addicts. Faith also had this bitchy bff, Colleen who had been longing for a sugar daddy and wants to be her stepmum. She had a thing for men over 50s. Oh yeah, did I mentioned Faith's ex-fiance, Jeremy? Apparently, they both still wanted to maintain their friendship despite all the previous heartache.

Back to Levi, our hotshot police chief. I gotta love the guy who is fastidious, able to cook and willing to bath my dog. Despite their anonymity, Faith can't help but notice what an attractive man he is, and bonus points for being heterosexual. They both felt the attraction between them all those years ago, but because Faith is Jeremy's girlfriend, they didn't act upon it. Levi often give Faith this condescending look whenever he is with her. He used to feels that she is this Hollands' little princess that is a little too perfect for humanity. The one who saves little puppies, help the poor, donate her kidney, that sort of thing.

When Levi made his moves and got together with Faith, I thought things will become all lovey dovey between them. That usually the case in chick lit. But it seems like they both are unsure. To outsider, Levi is this charming chief of police, but deep down he had this wall surrounding himself ever since he came back from the army and followed by his mum passing. Nevertheless, he do had a close relationship with his little stepsister, Sarah. He is so uncommunicative towards Faith, and she started to question his commitment towards her.

Towards the end, there is a slight twist and revelation from Faith about her mother. I thought Levi's issue with his minor PTSD and between his father can be explore more. Nevertheless, this is an entertaining chick lit that is heavily focus on the Hollands family dynamic and also about second chances.