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Savage Hunger - Shelli Stevens This book just pop up out of nowhere in goodread and after seeing the cover, I just have to read it. After I'm done with the book, I felt that the cover don't really represent the book. I thought I will get something like 'Hitman' or 'MIB', since in the cover the lead character had the same posing and all. But is not.

Savage Hunger started in the middle of action with Sienna trying to free the prisoners in the lab that she worked in. Meanwhile, Warrick and his team also being assigned to the same task as well. Sienna and Warrick are both childhood friend who had not seen each other for many years. She's his best friend's sister. She had a crush on his all those years ago, but he didn't take her up on it. We learned about his reason and what he had to sacrifice if he decided to be with her.

The mystery was surrounding the lab experimenting on the shifter and Warrick's team trying to find the person responsible and also finding the antidote to cure the people. The story have a few twist and turn that you didn't see it coming. That provided me with some element of surprise. But I felt that in the middle, it lost some steam. I felt that the author spent too much page time on the safe house with the gang without nothing major going on. After Sienna and Warrick got hook up in the middle, I kinda lost interest in them. I will try out the Book 2 Savage Betrayal featuring one of Warrick's teammate and see how it goes.