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Wait for Me - Elisabeth Naughton A page-turning romantic suspense that keeps me up all night long.

From the book excerpt itself we pretty much know the juice of the story. Kate woke from a coma after an accident with no memory of her past and find herself living with her husband, Jake and her four years old son, Reed. When a plane crash killed Jake, she found out Jake had been lying to her all along. She was actually in coma for 4 years, instead of 4 days and she might had a daughter. Kate depart to San Francisco in search for answer and that's she met Ryan Harrison.

Ryan, a CEO of AmCorp Pharmaceutical lost his wife, Annie to a plane crash 5 years ago and now his 9 years old daughter, Julia is everything he had. He still misses his wife and after only one chapter from Ryan's POV, we can feel his grieve tremendously and my heart ache for him. When all of a sudden, Annie is standing on his front porch, all the emotion rush back to him, happiness, despair and uncertainty. He felt like sucker punched when Annie apparently no longer remembers him and the family.

Ryan had problem dealing with Kate face to face when all he felt is that he is looking at a woman that no longer love him. While, Kate can't fathom the fact she had married to a cold and ruthless businessman. Despite the animosity between them, Kate and Ryan each wants to spend more time to know their children better. The prepubescent Julia, flat out hate Kate and unwilling to accept her back in their life. While, little Reed seems elated to have a new father.

In the means of finding out what happen 5 years ago, Kate and Ryan can no longer deny that they still have a deep connection towards each other. The surrounding atmosphere practically sizzle whenever they look at each other. At the same time, Kate worries that Ryan is still seeing her as Annie and not the woman she is now. I find it wonderful that the author made Kate fell in love with her husband all over again for the second time in her life.

So what actually happened to Kate 5 years ago? Why isn't she in the plane crash as suppose? Is there a connection to Ryan himself? When the body count starts piling up, Ryan is worried about his wife safety. Someone is out that silencing the loose end or witnesses.

Oh, I just need to mentioned Mitch, Ryan's brother-in-law and Kate's brother, he is always there for both of them through all this mess and there is such a tight bromance going on between him and Ryan. And Mitch and Simone, Kate's lawyer friend, when they both are together bickering is pure hilarious. Their romance serve as a secondary plot, but is fun and sweet nonetheless.