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Mine Until Dawn - E.B. Walters, Ednah Walters I think I'm the minority here who thinks that Book 1 Slow Burn is better than Mine Until Dawn. This lacks the humor that I find in the previous book. This time the mystery is about a lost Mayan statue that belongs to Vince Knight's estranged father. He was summoned by his Aunt Della to help locate the statue, whom she believes was stolen by Jade's mother. Vince went in search for Jade, who used to be his high school mate for a short period of time. Thus, they then embroiled in the chaos and murders that follow.

Actually both Vince and Jade are quite likable characters that I'm quite okay with. I just don't feel the chemistry there between them that makes me couldn't care less whether they are going to hook up or not. Vince used to be an investigative reporter and now a writer. He appears to be cool as a cucumber amidst the chaos. Is a stark contrast to Ron, the hero in Book 1, who often lose his temper easily. But I find Ron much more fun to read. The mystery this time is not that engaging as well. I find that a family missing statue should not have garner such big huh hah, albeit a very expensive one. Compare to a mystery surrounding dead parents in Book 1, missing statue just doesn't have that impact. Sorry, just can't help comparing. But I will still read Book 3, hopeful that Ednah Walters can bring back the charm from Book 1 that I like so much.