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Darkness Before Dawn - Claire Contreras After reading There is No Light in Darkness, there is no way I'm going to stop myself from jumping straight into the sequel Darkness Before Dawn. There are many questions left unanswered regarding Blake's and Cole's kidnapping years ago. The only thing that was resolved is we know Blake and Cole love each other so much and I'm so glad to see them finally decided to be together after all the years of separation.

Poor Blake found herself got kidnap yet again for the second time in her life. I don't understand why the kidnappers didn't bother to conceal their faces from her. Don't they worry she might recognizes them and point them out later when she escape? Or are they planning on killing her? Among the hostility of the situation, she met Dean, who is part of the kidnapper's gang that appears friendly and caring towards her. He tried to convince her that he meant her no harm.

Meanwhile, Cole is going through hell after Blake was kidnap. He tried everything he can to get Blake back, which include selling his soul to the devil or signing up to join the mafia, if it helps. This guy is just phenomenal. Can he be any more perfect?

Don't you worry that you miss out on Blake and Cole sexy moments because it didn't takes long for Blake to escape her captivity and reunite with Cole and from then on, we got tons of their special moments together.

There were plenty of WTF moments when they start revealing all the confusing relationship, which is of Blake's and Cole's families. I'm with Cole here, we need pen and paper to draw out the complicated family trees. Is kind of soap opera-ish with all these revelation and OMG moment.

Now I need to do something ranting to get this off my system. Okay, Dean. This guy is making quite an appearance. You know what, Dean? I know you are a great guy and all. Thanks for saving Blake, by the way. But can you just keep your hands off her? Because Cole will not be pleased, okay? I'm sure you will find your HEA else where.

Regarding Blake, sometimes I just wants to bitch slap her. After everything Cole had been through with her and putting up with her shit, how dare she doubt him. Just being sorry doesn't even really makes up for it. I think she needs to do some grovelling, since Cole had did so much groveling in the two books even when he's not the one who did anything wrong.

I got to admit that this sequel is not as engrossing as book 1 because we kind of figure out the mystery half way through the book. Nonetheless, is a strong follow up and I can never stop myself from finishing it because the author makes me so invested in her characters that I'm desperately in need to read their HEA. The story ends perfectly with flowers and roses, but we still have an epilogue, a treat from the author published at her website. I will got check it out soon.