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The Force of Wind - Elizabeth   Hunter We picked up from This Same Earth where Gio and Beatrice had another lead on her father, Stephen De Novo whereabouts. The duo is now headed to China where the Immortal Eights resides. This also happen to be Tenzin's home turf.

Although I'm a Malaysian Chinese myself, I find all the Chinese names and reference totally confusing. I can't remember who is who after some time. The only one I remember is Baojia, the water vamp who was assigned as Beatrice's bodyguard by her great-grandpa. I will get back to this fella later.

After two books of searching for Beatrice's presumably dead father, who happened to be a vamp now, he finally made his grand appearance. The reunion between father and daughter was awkward at first, but they came to an understand soon after. Gio and Beatrice was so in love now. In fact, Beatrice is seriously considering turning herself. They had plenty of sexy times together, though if you already read the two previous books, you know there isn't any explicit sex scene. After going through 3 vanilla flavor books here, I seriously in need of a filthy erotic read later.

So you see, Beatrice was madly in love with Gio that she considering giving up her humanity. But what's up with all the flirty banter and awkwardness between her and Baojia whenever they had training together. I know that guy had a thing for her, but for her to react as if she's considering him as a potential love interest is totally not cool. I'm having a lot of frustration when I'm reading their scene and mind you, is not the good kind of frustration. I'm not sure what purpose it serve since I knew that she will only end up with Gio anyway. It only make me kind of dislike her for being emotionally disloyal.

Another thing that I had against Beatrice's character is her turn around towards awesomeness. I'm not against feminist or anything like it. I usually like kickass and strong heroine. But for her to become so powerful in the end and she might even surpass Gio is a tad too much, considering Gio is 500 years old.

Apparently, the book that everyone is hunting for and fighting over consist of a alchemy formula that can overcome a crucial vampirism weakness. Beatrice's father wants to study it, Gio want to use it for himself and Lorenzo wants to make money out of it. See the pattern here? Okay, the villain Lorenzo, can the guy die already? I didn't expect it takes forever to kill him off. He is just a nuisance like a mosquito that you couldn't quite get rid off. The only plus point of this book is the twist we had at the epilogue. It definitely throw me off guard and totally didn't see it coming.

I need to admit that this series didn't really meet my expectation. I only find that A Hidden Fire is great! The second and third is a tad tedious to read through. Nonetheless, I will finish off with the finale book 4 and hopefully the series will end on a high note.