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The Stranger - Kyra Davis 3.5 infidelity stars.

Things started slow and draggy in the middle, but the cliffhanger ending with a perfect twist makes me want to read the next one right away.

This is a 3 part novella that started off with cheating. Kasie didn't just did it once, she did it repeatedly with the same man, Robert Dade. Although she is overcome with guilt, she couldn't bring herself to right the wrong and can't keep herself away from the seductive Robert that manage to unleash her inner sexuality.

After an one night stand at Vegas, Robert Dave, CEO of a security firm, sought out Kasie and hired her company to he his firm's consultant. He desires Kasie and make his intention clear to her. Meanwhile, Kasie is lament with guilt towards her boyfriend of 6 years, Dave. Dave is a tax attorney, an uptight man who cherish and respect Kasie. Initially I find him totally boring and wondering why she haven't dump him already. He feels like a vanilla man compare to Robert who oozes sex appeal. But later on, I kind of sympathize with his character.

A big part of the book mainly deals with Kasie discovering her sexuality and passion that she never anticipate in herself. She is eaten by guilt and when she wants to put things right, thing turn from bad to worse. I felt the book is a bit draggy in the middle, especially with Kasie's indecisiveness. Mind you, she is sleeping with both men at the same time. Is hard to sympathize with her and I nearly DNF this. Nevertheless, I heard that Book 2 is when the shit hits the fan. So I plan to finish this and head over to book 2. But the ending just blew me away. Is such a perfect twist that make my jaw dropped. Totally a WTF moment. Kyra Davis do know how to end a book with a bang and make me crave the next one immediately.