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Exposed - Kyra Davis From the ending of The Stranger, Kasie found out that Dave, her tax attorney boyfriend of six years knew about her affair with Robert Dade. He demanded her to end the affair and willing to give her a second chance. Sounds too good to be true. It seems that Dave is not as meek as we were lead to believe. There is a definitely a fine line between love and hate here. Dave wants to gain control of Kasie's life by threatening to expose her infidelity and bring down her career.

I used to sympathize with Dave for being cheated on by Kasie, but the hateful things that he did to her makes me hate him. Initially Kasie decided to give in to Dave to protect her career, but after things went to far with Dave, she decided to turn the tables. I guess I haven't mentioned about what's going on with Robert. He turned very protective and alpha towards Kasie until the brink of evilness. Apparently to him, Kasie is just not a random chick that he picked up from the bar. He practically will destroy anyone who crosses her path or look her the wrong way.

As with the first book, the middle was quite draggy as usual. I especially don't appreciate reading about Kasie's fantasy. I have no problem reading erotic scene, but reading Kasie fantasizing is just kind of pointless. Is like I'm having a fantasy within a fantasy. Nonetheless, as with the previous book, the ending drew me in. When Kasie knew about Robert's ruthlessness, is she willing to leave a control boyfriend and jump into the arms of another ruthless lover instead?