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Binding Agreement - Kyra Davis This is the final part of the three part novella of Just One Night. Everything started from book 1 with Kasie cheating on her boyfriend, Dave at Vegas. She had a one night stand with a stranger, Robert Dade. Things get out of hand when they continue their affairs and later found out by Dave. He threatened to expose Kasie and bring down her career. Kasie flipped the situation to her advantage by threatening to embarrass Dave in front of his peer by parading herself with Robert Dave, CEO's of Maned Wolf Security. Everything suppose to be nice and dandy after her clean break up with Dave, but when she realize that Robert destroy the careers of people who had wronged her, she wonder will she able to accept Robert for the ruthless business man that he is.

Kasie's morality and humanity is being tested here. She rebuked on the things that Robert did to destroy Dave's and Tom's, her superior career. But on the other hand, she is feeling exhilarated with the power that she had. She feels invisible. Reading this makes me feels all kind of bizarre. Kasie is practically turning evil and will do anything to advance her career including making use of the power she can yield for being associated with Robert, the man everyone fear in the business world.

We knew much more about Robert in Binding Agreement. How he became who he is today and what shaped his action and personality. We kept wondering how this two lost souls will ever able to redeem themselves. I had felt disconnected with Robert in previous two books, but in this last book, we finally able to feel for him. In the end, Kyra Davis manage sold me this Robert character that makes me root for his HEA.

This would have been another 3 stars read if not for the perfect build up and ending. As I had said countless time, Kyra Davis knows how to end her book by making me wanting more. I knew this is the finale, but I really wanted an epilogue so bad.