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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren I actually pick this one up after reading a series of vanilla romance book. I'm craving for some dirty filthy erotic read. So I should not have complaint that this book had too much sex scene. Sexual escapade at every location imaginable. Conference room, changing room, staircase, elevator, wash room, hotel room ....

Chloe, the intern and Bennett Ryan, the boss had this lust/hate relationship going on. They can't even hold a proper conversation without snapping and yelling at each other. They also can't stop from banging each other during every encounter. This is by far the book with highest number of sex scene I had ever read. Seriously, they had the sex drive equivalent to my hamsters. I find myself actually craving for Ryan and Chloe to actually talk to each other about something, anything without the need to screw every time.

Their f*ck buddy relationship experience a shift during their trip to San Diego for a business conference. They both admitted to wanting more out of their current situation. Will they had a shot at a HEA without screwing up their professional relationship? But as predicted, something happen that leads to misunderstanding and heartbreak.

I had been putting off finishing this book several times, but in the end I came back and finish it. Overall, I think this is an okay read without much plot development besides of constant f*cking. If you are craving for some fun and steamy smut, this is it. I kind of care for Bennett and Chloe and wanted them work it out. Will definitely check out their novella Beautiful Bitch that is coming out soon.