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Smooth Talking Stranger - Lisa Kleypas First and foremost I read this without reading Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed Devil, but it can definitely works as a standalone. Heroes and heroines from previous book make their appearances as part of Jack Travis' family. This is a wonderfully sweet romance that has some humour, but not too fluffy. Is a story about a heroine who is afraid of commitment and a hero who possess some caveman traits.

Ella found herself to be the reluctant guardian for her 1 week old nephew, Luke, when her sister, Tara left the baby at their mother's house and then gone missing. Seeing that their irresponsible mother couldn't have taken care of a baby, Ella take it upon herself to look after the baby, while hunting down her no good sister, Tara. After receiving information that the father of the child might be Jack Travis, the second son of a Houston's tycoon, she decided to track him down and put him up for a paternity test.

Due to her less than stellar upbringing, Ella is a very practical and cynical woman. She doesn't believe in marriage and love and even had a live in boyfriend named Dane who had the same believes as her. Great. By the way, he is a vegan. But I admire her for being the responsible one in the family. As Dane said she is the family clean-up crew ready to shoulder any burden or settle the mess.

Jack Travis, middle son of Churchill Travis, owned a property management company himself and the one who often side track from his family tradition. He is bemused to find himself being accused of fathering a child and worst, with a woman he didn't actually sleep with. But he was clearly attracted to this little woman who take it upon herself to instil justice, stand up for her sister and bear the burden of taking care of a child that doesn't belongs to her.

I love Jack with all his caveman persona and the way he cares for baby Luke. I like his matter of fact speaking, straight to the point. He seems to always know his prize and aiming for it without being side track. He loves hunting, fishing, football and his power tools. And according to him, Houston's men never wax their chest. I find that comment extremely sexy. He had a strong caring and possessive streak that can drive any woman crazy, but I find this complement with Ella well because Ella was force to be independent for so long, is time she let someone takes care of her.

"Now let me do the guy stuff while you go to the kitchen. Trust me, it's a perfect arrangement."

Tell me that you don't feel like smacking his face when he said that. But is hard to hate Jack Travis. You just couldn't. The smut we had here are full of steam, especially the one in the garage *fan self*.

Regarding Ella's boyfriend Dane, I like that Lisa Kleypas didn't paint him as someone evil, just so that she can dumped him. Dane is a perfectly fine man, just not the right one for Ella. After having baby Luke in her life, Ella realize Dane is not the man she wants or needs any more. Yeah, Ella, you need a true man's man. Someone alpha to take charge and shoulder your burden together. Not someone to let you sorting through your own problem all the way in Houston, while he stay at Austin.

It takes a while for Ella to get through her stubborn head to admit that the relationship she's having with Jack is not just a casual fling. I wanted to wring her neck several times for being so delusional and say stuff that might hurt Jack. But our guy is tough, he is as persistent as a dog chasing a bone and never let go. Jack is the epitome of perfection, he loves babies, take care of his woman and take on responsibility although the matter doesn't even concern him. And to his bitchy ex-girlfriend, Ashley: Your lost.