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Silent Warrior - Lindsey Piper I read Silent Warrior after Caged Warrior, thus I had a better idea of the world building. There is a mentioned of Dragon Kings, the collar wore by the warrior, the Cages and the Asters, but you won't find any explanation here. I can imagine if a reader start with Silent Warrior, she will have a hell of a time understanding what is happening.

I'm intrigue by both Silence and Hark in Caged Warrior and wish to find out about how they came together in the first place. Silence, the girl who doesn't talk, and Hark, the blabbermouth who talks to much. This guy can hold a long winded conversation all by himself. He doesn't even need your input. I guess he is the only guy who can converse while having an orgasm. Sometimes I wanted him to shut up, but mostly I shake my head grinning stupidly.

Silence is surprisingly not as silent as I thought she would be. She met Hark while battling at a bar and he thought she is mute or something. But later on, they start to get to know each other, she did talk a lot and told him about her past. Hark was in debt and was running from a few cartels that want his head. Silence for searching some kind of artifact to redeem herself.

Considering this is an eighty pages novella, things progress really fast and when things was nice and dandy at 80%, I was so engrossed with Hark and Silence and then suddenly I saw 'THE END'! My first reaction was, THAT'S IT?! I need more!

Overall, I find Hark and Silence are much more interesting character than Leto and Audrey. They so deserve to have a full length novel for themselves.