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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout When I started Onyx, I thought I might have problem getting through it. Katy seriously pisses me off. Daemon had make his intention clear of wanting to be with her from the ending in Obsidian. But Katy keep insisting that his sudden change of behavior is due to their weird alien connection. I understand where she came from, but repeating the same conversation in her head over and over again is testing my patience. Add another new surfer dude, Blake into the mix as a potential love interest had nearly push me over the edge. He seems like a nice guy and all, but I'm so annoyed.

Daemon has been such a adorable jerk to me in Obsidian with his smartass mouth, kickass alien power and protective brother to Dee. In Onyx, he successfully elevated his status from adorable jerk to someone swoon worthy. Though I still find him lack of maturity in handling certain situation, being a teenage might be the reason.

"Oh, holy alien babies everywhere..."

Yupe, that cookie scene did me in. I think I can never see a piece of chocolate chip cookie differently ever again! He's gonna haunt me.

This book deserve 5 stars purely for the second half of the book (except the cookie scene of course). Is pure awesomeness with so much twist and turn, heart thumping action, some bad guys that we didn't see them coming and of course Daemon is totally kicking some Arum and human ass. The inner geek in me is thrill with the prospect of government conspiracy theory. I can foresee Katy is getting more badass and kickass after her ordeal here. She had endure and suffered so much changes in just a few short months. If I were in her shoe, I'm gonna turn into a freaking walking ball of paranoia. Nonetheless, I hope she never gave up on book reviewing and blogging even when she had her hands full with Arums and DODs.

I love her insight as a book lover.

"It had insta-love, the bane of my existence."

"Dog-eared pages were Antichrist of book lovers everywhere."

The ending left me speechless. I had no idea what is install for Daemon and Katy next. I'm sure in Opal, shit is gonna hit the fan. Buckle up. Brace self.

P/s: Still no Hunter.