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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout First and foremost I picked this up because I want to read Obsession and from what I heard I should read all 3 books of Lux beforehand. I'm not one of those who follow rules, but what the heck, I'm glad I made an exception and follow the rules this time.

Our heroine Katy move to West Virginia with her mom. She is an avid book reviewer with a blog to match. I'm sure she even had a GR account somewhere. I develop an instant liking to her for we share the same passion. She met her new neighbor, the over-friendly Dee and her douche of a brother, Daemon. Before long, she found herself in this freaky town with weird things happening, Dee and Daemon talking about stuff she doesn't understand and people tends to stare at her companion.

If not because the blurb already mentioned that Daemon and his sister are actually aliens, I would find the first part of the book really suspenseful and intriguing. But due to the fact that I already knew all along, I'm just waiting the moment for Katy to discover their secret or for them to spill the beans.

Told from Katy's POV, I love hearing her inner sarcasm that reminds me so much of Kate Daniels. She develop this lust/hate relationship with the jerk next door, Daemon, who can easily be the perfect guy if he could just manage to keep his mouth shut and stop throwing insult at her. Maybe a couple of staples or duct tape will do the trick.

Oh, Daemon. Considering his age, I don't want to go all pervy on him. I do find him infuriating at first for being such a jerk and asshole. His first encounter with Katy didn't went at all, but he did make up to her later on after his sister threaten him. Being the good brother he is, he will do anything for her, including being nice to the girl next door that he very much want to strangle.

There is two different groups of alien here, the Luxen and Arum, who are enemies of course. Both want to kill each other. The Luxen is the light, while Arum is the shadow. The Arum had been hunting down the Luxen to acquire their power to fuel themselves. Whenever, a Luxen exert their power, they will leave a trace on the human nearby. Thus with Katy being saved by Daemon numerous time, she find herself lighting up like a beacon awaiting to be caught up by the Arum.

There is a couple of things that I find hard to believe. First is how Daemon, Dee and Mathew easily discuss about their situation in front of Katy. Although she had no idea what they are talking about, didn't they feel the need to talk in private instead considering they should be laying low. Regarding how Daemon spill the beans to Katy later on, I find him too trusting considering he barely know her. And lastly during the showdown, where the heck is Andrew. I thought he is with Daemon.

I had only read less than a handful of NA and this is actually my first ever YA read (if you discount Harry Potters), I'm surprise to find such a high amount of sexual tension simmering, a number of sexual innuendos thrown around and the make out session was totally hot! Who would have thought reading a YA will left me all hot and bothered. If all the other YA books do have such level of hotness, I don't mind reading more of them. Bring 'em on!

"Stalking me again, I see. Do I need to get a restraining order?"
"In your dreams, Kitten. Oh wait, I'm already starring in those, aren't I?"
"Nightmares, Daemon. Nightmares."

P/S: No Hunter yet.