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Heart of Fire - Linda Howard This is totally the kind of genre that make me start obsessing with romance read in the first place. Great plot, hottie hero, spunky heroin, bad guys, action, adventure, laugh out loud humor...... you name it.

Jillian Sherwood, an archaeologist needs to set off to an expedition to the heart of Amazon to prove the existence of Anzar City in order to revive her late father's reputation and her own. From the excerpt, I thought the expedition was only comprise of Jillian and Ben, the experienced river guide. But that's not the case. Once her stepbrother, Rick found out about it, he insist to tag along with Kates. Is obvious that they are in for the treasure. Along with a hired thug, Dutra and several other native helps hired by Ben, they are all in for a rough ride through the Amazon jungle.

At first glance, Ben Lewis looks like a drunker and haggard river dude who spent too much time in the tropical country for his own good. But Jillian quickly realize that behind his lackluster and easy going facade, he knows his stuff and is one of the best river guide available. Although he definitely pissed her off with his crude mouth, blatant come on and so sure of himself. The things they bicker and banter make me laugh my ass off.

"You have underwear."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it. Did you try it on?"
"Nah. Just rubbed it against my face."

I really like Jillian, she is brainy but not nerdy and she is not a damsel in distress that require any saving. She can hold her own in the harsh jungle condition. Ben made it clear as crystal that he is seducing his way into her pants on the first day and she tried to hold him off as long as humanly possible. But we know that she is not an uptight lady, she just love seeing him sexually frustration and seeing him suffer is so damn funny. Nothing ever stay long in this guy's head beside thinking of sex and more sex.

"It's not the heat," came his return mutter. "It's a critical buildup of sperm".

I'm with Ben on this that I don't see any appeal in all the old bones and stuff. They have different opinion when comes to the archaeology business and in the end it really come to bite their ass. Rick, Kates and Dutra the bad trio serves as a great supporting cast. What is a good plot without the necessary villain to spice things up.