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Beauty and the Bounty Hunter - Lori Austin Wow! This is one of the best fast paced standalone romance I had the pleasure of reading. We started off right in the middle of the action. There is not much down time or lag in the story line. It keeps me reading till the end and I forgo my sleep until 3 in the morning.

The story started with Cat, a bounty hunter trying to catch her bounty in a whorehouse. While, in the room, a mysterious man appeared at the window. Initially, Cat thought he must be another bounty hunter competing with her. But later she learned that he is Alexi, her ex-mentor cum old flame. Thing that I don't understand is, how does she not recognize him when he cornered her without revealing his face, when later in the story she mentioned how she remember Alexi's scent. Anyway, Cat learned to become a skilled bounty hunter and a con-woman to avenge the death of her husband, Billy. He was killed right in front of her and now she goes around hunting bounty to look for the killer who she only recognize his voice, but not his face.

What I like most is, we don't need to read through a long chapter on Cat's past with her husband or how she mourns for him. We only got a snippets of flash back of her memories with her husband and how she met Alexi.

Oh, our Alexi, a skilled master of disguise and con artist helped Cat when she was at her lowest point of her life. He did have a mysterious past himself. I was anxious to find out why did he carried unloaded guns and when he brought Cat to Dr. Ethan Walsh, I am eager to find out what is the history between him, Mikhail (Alexi's right hand man) and Ethan.

I love Alexi for being a hero who let's his action speaks of itself. All this while, when he is helping Cat to avoid the bounty on her own head and to find her husband's killer, he knows that she still miss her dead husband dearly. He even believes that she think of her husband when she is in his bed. I didn't blame Cat for her lack of trying to convince Alexi. But being a con artist as they are, they had a hard time believing each other words. Nonetheless, Alexi, is a selfless hero. He wanted to protect Cat and even try to hunt down Billy's killer on his own, or die trying.

Beside the romance, I really love the fast pacing plot. The author provide us with enough snippets and make me eager to continue reading without stopping to find out the answer. The only thing I'm disappointed is the story ended. I love Alexi and Cat so much that after they got their little HEA, I'm hoping that the next story 'An Outlaw in Wonderland' featuring Dr. Ethan as the main character, we will still have some Alexi and Cat in it. I miss this fantastic duo. I'm sure Alexi still needs to the settle the unresolved issue between Ethan and himself.