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Lying Season - Karina Halle Holy shit! Reading this series is gonna drive me crazy and I might need to start popping pills like Dex. Never had a series driving me insane and in an emotional tortured. Maybe because we are always in first person point of view that I got so emotionally involved as Perry.

Okay, back to the story. Everything started out really fun and light-hearted when Dex proposed that they are going to shoot at the mental institute at Seattle and in the meantime he also invited Perry to Shownet's annual Christmas party. The bad news is, Dex insist for Perry to stay at his apartment (with Jenn!!) to save on hotel cost. Now you must think, what a jerk! It was revealed later that it was totally Jenn's idea. But Dex is a jerk anyway.

So Jenn finally make an appearance in Lying Season and Perry got a healthy dose of Dex and Jenn's moments up close and personal. But I totally understand Perry, she need to do this, in order to move on. Both Perry and me totally hate that bitch with vengeance, but we are definitely not alone. It seems like Rebecca, who is Jenn's partner in Wine Babes and the entire crew of Shownet hate that bitch too. And I totally love Rebecca. She is the most supportive friend to Perry in this entire book. Honesty, I don't understand the sick relationship that Dex and Jenn having. They dislike each other and can't stand each other taste in everything, but they manage to be with together for 3 long years. Apart from Dex-Jenn-Perry's drama with infidelity, backstabbing and jealousy, they were also haunted by Dex's ex-girlfriend, Abby. This is definitely a mixture for doomed.

It also appeared that Experiment of Terror had garnered much attention and now they even had a copycat, called Spook Factory. LoL. The shooting at the mental institute brings us all kind of horror, but Perry make use of this opportunity to learn about Dex's mental condition and did a little experiment of her own. Perry found out Dex's pill stash at home and switch it to placebo in order to learn about his condition. Dex then started seeing Abby haunting him and he is on the brink of insanity. The scene with him at the alley totally broke my heart.

After the shooting at the mental institute with Perry and Dex barely surviving it again, we were brought straight to the drama on the Christmas party. After some drinking, karaoke session and confrontation that nearly lead to some catfight scene, we finally got the one thing we had all been waiting for after 3 books. But... but... but... The ending, oh gosh. What a mess! I am wondering how Karina Halle plan to fix this ugly turn of event. Perry had Dex finally hook up, right after that Dex just ditch Perry and said the most awful things. Oh my God. What is he thinking? I need to get my hands on 'On Demon Wings' like right now!