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Darkhouse - Karina Halle This series have been sitting in my Kindle for so long that I had totally forgotten about it. But recently I manage to rediscover its presence and here I am, all ready to gush. I assured you that I'm a total chickenshit when comes to watching horror flick. I never watched them. Although they label this book as horror, I really don't feel the creep, unlike Dean Koontz. But that's good news for me.

Dex Foray is one of the craziest and 'no-class' male character I read about. How can the author gave us someone who talked like he is under influence, wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, shake hand with his palm stained with coffee, chew on toothpick and then flicked the said toothpick on the ground and still make me adore him? I had no idea. I just love reading the way he bullshitting his way. He’s quite a nut job I would say. When later reveal that he is under anti-psychotic medication, I felt like shouting, ‘I KNEW IT’! He is just way too crazy and jittery to be normal human.

Perry is such a normal girl next door that she actually work as a receptionist. How much lame can you be? She even feels overshadow by her own 15 years old sister. The interaction between Perry and her family reminds me so much of my own, though my mum will never force me to move out. My sister and I tend to call each other morons like it was totally normal. She also had better fashion sense than I do, just like Perry’s sister, Ada.

This story revolved around the haunted lighthouse, which happen to be Perry’s Uncle Al property. During one of her night exploration at the lighthouse, she bumped into Dex, a producer cum cameraman cum music composer. The guy is still a mystery even after I finish the first book. All the while, I felt like he is putting on this un-cool dude façade, but I think he got some hidden secret behind all that bullshit and that his real personality will be totally different. Aside of the horror surrounding the lighthouse with crazy Dex trying to persuade Perry to hop into his bandwagon to kick-off the ghost-hunting-show, Perry is also dealing with her own unstable mental state. She is convinced that she is ‘seeing things’ and it doesn't help that her position as a lowly receptionist is also under threat.

Although it was reveal early on that Dex had a bimbo girlfriend back in Seattle, I don’t see any potential love triangle here. The way he talk about the bimbo aka Jennifer, I can already feel she is some kind of stereotypical cardboard character to be written just to avoid Dex and Perry jumping on each other so early in the series. I really like that Dex and Perry started their relationship as friends and partners, instead of lusting after each other. All in all, the adventure of Perry and Dex at the lighthouse had come to a closure. But I can’t wait to read their next adventure as official partners. Next stop, Texas! Hee hah!