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Jabril - D.B. Reynolds I was eager to start on this book to know what will happen to Cynthia and Raphael. This second book, took place almost 1 month after event from Raphael. The vampire lord was away from LA and Cynthia is carrying on with her life as usual, despite Raphael kept haunting her mind and dream. Although this book titled, Jabril, I didn't anticipate that Raphael got so much less page time. But for fans of Raphael, you need not worry because although he only appeared after 30% into the book and he didn't took part in the final showdown, his presence is prominent. Unlike in Karen Chance's Fury Kiss, when Louis-Cesare had so little page time, I felt that he become useless and secondary and the heroine hardly miss him. But for Raphael, the author makes me felt that the vampire lord got other much more important matter to attend to. That's the big difference here. And it also helps that our girl, Cynthia can't stop thinking about him. She even dreamt of having an orgasm. Wow!

This time, Cynthia was hired by a vampire lord (again) in Texas, Jabril, to locate a missing human girl (again), named Elizabeth. Elizabeth had a vampire sister, Mirabella, who had recently been turned by Jabril. It is obvious that Jabril is eager to locate Elizabeth, in fact he already hired a PI. But he also hired Cynthia at the same time for the similar task. According to Jabril, he just wanted to antagonize Raphael. But I doesn't know what's the purpose here, because in the end, Jabril doesn't seem to have a chance to make use of Cynthia in any way. On the other hand, Cynthia brought him whole lot of troubles. which includes, getting killed by Cynthia in the end

In the meantime, there was also a homicide involving runaway girls back in LA and Raphael was the prime suspect. It seems like someone is trying to frame the vampires for the killing. So beside of tracking down the missing girl, Cynthia also tried to help cleared Raphael.

In this second instalment, with being almost a month apart from each other, we can see that Cynthia still keeps thinking about Raphael, although he didn't seems to reciprocate her feelings. He just go off do his vampire lord things and god knows what.

When Cynthia saved Mirabella from Lord Jabril and transported her to LA into Raphael's territory, our vampire lord finally deemed the issue important to make an appearance. Hah!

This book concludes the story between Cynthia and Raphael. Although our guy didn't had much page time, but he manage to secure both Cynthia and my heart with the limited time he had. I really can't complaint, though. Of course, we can't expect him to do any grovelling to get her back (he is a vampire lord afterall), but his confession is so nicely done. I would have agree to whatever he want from me.

The epilogue is so satisfying for me and is sort of like a HEA. By the way, do anyone know who is that chick that Cynthia was talking to at the end? Someone with the name Sarah? I had no idea who is she, but I suspect she might be the next book heroine. And of course, I hope Duncan will be feature as the hero in future books. That guy is just so lovable.