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Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews Review for 3rd time re-read. Yeah, I always love to re-read Magic Bleeds because this is THE hook up book. It takes us long enough to finally read this.

The ending in Book 3 Magic Strikes put a stupid grin on my face for days. Magic Bleeds started off with Kate busy preparing Curran's 'naked dinner'. In order to add in some drama for my favorite fictional couple, Curran didn't showed up and Kate was beyond pissed. This ended up in a big misunderstanding, with all 3 of us (Kate, Curran and yours truly) feeling pissed. Usually this kind of plot is lame, but because Curran and Kate is so awesome, I let it go and continue to enjoy the series immensely.

The way both Kate and Curran trying to sabotage each other workplace and home was beyond funny. As usual this two kickass hero and heroine try to outwit each other and annoys each other to no end. Kate welded Curran's bimbo room's lock and his workout bench. Then throw catnip on his bed. Curran retaliate by gluing her ass on her chair.

There were incidents of shapeshifters going crazy and Kate went to investigate. The master mind behind involves her evil father Roland and her evil aunt Erra, who wants her dead. We know how much Kate loves her job in the Order. But Ted, her boss is such a douchcanoe. His comment on shapeshifter not being human and doesn't deserve to live was the final straw for Kate. Love Grendel, her attack poodle. We also got a healthy dose of relationship progress with Andrea and Raphael who are both in a mating frenzy.

Our dear Saiman, the sexual deviant was holding a grudge against Curran for the way he was treated during the last Midnight Games. Thus, he blackmail Kate to accompany him to a dinner in order to help her out with the investigation. The scene during the dinner where the shapeshifter and People meet was so intense. Kate had no idea that Saiman was trying to parade her infront of Curran. The best scene in the book is when Kate drag Saiman to high tail out of the restaurant and Curran turn into beast form and chase them down. Totally epic scene!

I'm sure we are all really frustrated that Derek put a stop to the action that was happening in the hot tub scene in Magic Strikes, but fear not. Kate and Curran had finally get it on. 'Hold up 7 fingers'. Oh my.

The final showdown was between Kate and her evil Aunt Erra with several alpha female shapeshifter. Kate trying to persuade Curran to stay down, but of course our Beast Lord wouldn't. I would hate for him to be away from all the action. During the final battle scene, I'm holding my breathe and worries that 'not another damn cliffhanger!'. But I was glad that Ilona Andrews is not that cruel. So, no cliffhanger. Yay!