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Rainwater - Sandra Brown Sandra Brown is well-known for her romantic suspense, so this book is an absolute surprise. I can't believe is written by Brown.

The story has not big mystery to solve or action. Just a great story telling about the dying man, Mr. Rainwater and how he changes Ella's and her son, Solly's life. Although he is suffering from a fatal illness, he spent every moment he left doing great things for the people around him. He is such a captivating character and I feel so emotional throughout the story.

Ella's son, Solly, suffered from autism, and during that era, many people mistreated him. Only Rainwater manage to communicate with Solly and sometimes Ella can't help by feeling bad about herself as the mother.

I think I shed a few tears throughout the story. The love between Rainwater and Ella is so poignant and heartfelt. What do you do when you fall for someone you know who is dying? The ending is so meaningful and bittersweet at the same time. In order to save his mum, Solly committed a murder, and Rainwater step in to take the blame. He died in the end. But since I read this book last year, I forgotten whether he died in prison due to his illness or he was executed. The bittersweet moment is when we found out this entire story was told by Rainwater and Ella's son. A son he sired before he died.