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Disastrous - E.L. Montes My thought for the first 60%

One good thing about this book is the Prologue. The writing is powerful and it got me hooked so bad. In that scene, Mia is having a confrontation with a guy, shit hitting the fans, there is words like sick and distrust and presence of blood. I'm finding myself totally intrigued. Then we were bring back to the beginning of how it all happen and how Mia met Marcus DeLuca.

The reason why I DNF. Both the hero and heroine are not likable characters and there is nothing for me to sympathize or connect with them. The writing is also not as engaging as the prologue and most of the time is fell flat to me. Mia is a self-centered bitch. Marcus is a bit hot and cold and emotionally distant guy. We know he is harboring some secrets and leading a double life, as a lawyer by day and mobster by night. Relationship wise, they are very much like Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big in Sex and the City. You know, the one with Carrie always blowing up when things didn't go her way. There is this one scene that I wanted to slap her. She saw a message in Marcus phone and decided to check on it. That is totally a relationship faux pas. After finding out something she doesn't like in the message, she just blows up in his face and yell at him.

I kind of sympathize with Marcus if not for him to be such a douche himself at times for hiding so many secrets from her. He doesn't want to tell her about his illegal activities, yet he and his brother often talk about said activities in front of her. This resulted in Mia totally confused and when she asked him about it, he rebuff her. If you don't want her to ask you, you can just don't discuss about it in front of her. I find Marcus mentally unstable at time in a totally non-sexy way. I think the only one who can pull of the mentally unstable act and still be totally hot and sexy is Dex Foray.

P/s: someone told me the story pick up later on and that I should give it a go and finish it. Okay, I'm game.