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Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews Oh my God. I just can't believe I finally read Magic Rises. I had been waiting this for ages. Ilona Andrews should really write faster and not making us wait another 2 years for book 7. You know the saying, the longer the wait, the higher the expectation. The reviews from ARC readers were driving me crazy. The words such as 'love triangle' and 'wanting to hit Curran' kept popping up and make me nervous as hell. It just couldn't be. I read through 5 books and knew that Curran is crazy about Kate in an egomaniac way.

The tone in Magic Rises was darker, heavier and more emotional compare to the previous books, which were full of humor, sarcasm and hilarious moments. I still remember the good old days of Curran gluing Kate's ass on her chair and breaking into her apartment to eat her pie. The unforgettable epic scene of chasing Saiman down the street in a total berserk mode. Okay, back to Magic Rises at hand. The shapeshifter children life were often threaten by loupism and now they found out there is a rare medicine that can help to cure them. The medicine is so rare that all the money in the world can't even buy it.

Thus it bring us to the current predicament. Curran was summoned to the European Pack to act as a mediator and guarding a pregnant shapeshifter due to some political reason and in return he will be rewarded in the medicine. Although sensing this is obviously scream TRAP!, there is no way they will give up hope of curing their Pack children. Therefore the Pack headed to Europe with Saiman's help.

I was displeased to find out that Jim was not included in the trip. He is my favorite secondary character here. His had the best chemistry with Kate and their bicker were damn entertaining. The Pack that were included were Mahon, Aunt B, Andrea, Raphael, Derek, Barabas and etc.

Once they reach Europe, that's where the annoying issue started. A young female wolf, Lorelei make her appearance and at first glance I already hated her. Stay away from Curran, you bitch! Apparently Curran and Lorelei knew each other since they were young and now Lorelei was hoping to seduce Curran to get the Consort status while at the same time getting rid of Kate. In order not to provoke any war, Curran had ensure that all his Pack will behave and act for the Pack best interest. Their every conversation and action were monitor. Is like walking into the enemies lair.

Hugh, Kate's evil father's warlord made an appearance at the lair. So it seems that the entire thing was orchestra by him to bring Curran and Kate into his territory. While dealing with Hugh tormenting her emotionally, she had to deal with the jealousy of seeing Curran spending time with Lorelei. What's up with him? Yeah, I wanted to shout at him too or maybe drag him into a corner and squeeze out the juice from him.

In previous books, Kate and Curran were always an united entity that can't be threaten by anyone. They are the fantastic duo. But now, their faith in each other was tested. I find Kate very mature in handling this, she didn't go throwing tantrums or giving Curran the third degree. Nonetheless, I'm not liking the situation here, with Kate feeling vulnerable, insecure and lack of faith in Curran. I myself had total faith in him. They had go through life and death in 5 books, there's not way he will be tempted even if there are ten naked Lorelei parading in front of him. I thought Kate knew better. I'm 100% sure he was concocting some plan without alerting her.

I breezed through the whole book in one sitting foregoing sleep just to make sure I'm right about Curran. Is satisfying to find out he didn't disappoint me. Go Curran! I'm not saying is right for him to hurt her this way, but he did mentioned that he did not regret his action. He is the big picture kinda guy. Their loves for each other run deeper than just wanting to be together. I believes after this fiasco, their relationship will become stronger than ever.

And there's nothing more romantic that to hear Curran threaten to pummel any jackass who came near Kate into a bloody pulp.

"Just pondering what Hugh's version of flowers and candy will look like"
"Like bloody mush. Because I will crush his head and his brain will ooze out of his ears."

Every Kate Daniels book wouldn't be complete without an epic battle near the ending. Time and time again they will be fighting till an inch of their lives, yet we knew they will pull through. They were like the unbeatable superheroes to me.

"I think we should go to dinner. What are you going to wear?"
"My badass face."
"Good choice"

To me, this series is perfect in every way. We have the action, the humor, sarcasm, kickass heroine, badass hero, the great secondary characters, evil villain and epic battle scene. The only thing that would make this even better is the additional of smuttiness in it. Ilona Andrews had this blog post about getting fans to urge them to write sexier scene, which I totally support. We did get a shower scene that had to be the hottest so far in 6 books. Thank you so much for rewarding us fans.

"If you ever disappeared, I would leave the Pack and I would look for you until I found you. However long it took."

P/s: For those who worries too much. The ending is perfect.